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Lazy-Eyed Dreamer

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I’m a lazy-eyed dreamer
I caught the no sleep fever
D#7 G#
My mind’s awake travelin’ in space all night and all day
Add it up and I’ma workin’
Longer hours than your average person
D#7 G# C#
Math says that nine to five’s got nothin’ on me and my lazy-eyed dream

My offices is always movin’
See, location saves me from commutin’
My home on wheels wherever I go it’s my slow movin’ dream
You won’t find me on the highway
See me on the scenic byways
Sunset catchin’ that gleam
Diggin’ the scene of my lazy-eyed dream


And I’m a lazy-eyed dreamer
‘Cause life it could be so much sweeter
How could they know?
Always on the go… sometimes they get close
We sit and listen to the birds sing
Their jitters quit until their phones ring
They say, “we gotta go get out ducks in a row, enough of lazy-eyed dreams…”

But I’m a lazy-eyed dreamer
Yes, a real life dream weaver
My mind’s always that place in between the days and a daze
When you’re a lazy-eyed dreamer
Well life just keeps on gettin’ sweeter every day
When all you believe is all that you see in your lazy-eyed dream
D#7 G#
Now there ain’t a thing that I'd rather be
D#7 G#
When all I believe is all that I see
C# G# C#
In my lazy-eyed dream...